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IWCF Certification and IADC Certification Options
Posted: Monday, May 4, 2009 2:33:20 AM

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Could somebody tell me the differences between IWCF Certification and IADC Certification ?
Who needs IWCF Certification and who needs IADC Certification ?
What is the necessary knowledge that IWCF and IADC Certification require ?
If I want to study IWCF or IADC what should I do ?
Are they organized and took the exam in Vietnam or other country ?

Thanks for helpful answering !

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Posted: Tuesday, May 5, 2009 12:52:38 AM

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This is a very good question.

IWCF is International WellControl School forum. Head office is in Netherland, this is non-commercial organization.

For those who are working at RIG SITE as Snr Drilling Supervisor, Drilling Supervisor - DSV (consultant position), Well-site Engineer, need to have a valid IWCF. IWCF is valid for only 2 years, after two years, you need to renew it. It costs around 2,000 - 2,5000 USD/ seat (1 week training). There is quite a lot of organizations who are able to provide this kind of training (Aberdeen drilling school, Rig Train, PTTCO training (Thailand), Equilibria well Control etc.). It is also quite tough for a young engineer to get passed the IWCF test, you should pass 1, practical assessment (you need to be familiar with rig floor equipment so you can physically kill the well by yourself with a help from a driller) 2; P & P is Procedures and Principles (all calculations and theory - this should not a big deal for an engineer); 3, Equipment (you should have certain knowledge on equipment in order to pass it test). Unless you gained 70 points for each test, otherwise you are failed! To reseat, you have to wait, and it is costly also. IWCF is accepted by all Operators in the world, and it a MUST criteria for DSV working at rig site.

Recommendation: No need for young engineer like you to get this, if you wished, I can help you to book a seat, but it becomes a waste as you cannot do anything with this if you are not a “consultant”. Let get working for an operators for 2-5 years, then if you want to be DSV, you can go for this.

IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors): This Wellcap certificate is required for those who are working for the rig contractors. Not only every body is working for rig contractors has to be having this certificate, but only Assistant Driller, Driller, Tour Pusher, Tool Pusher, OIM positions. Wellcap can be issued by an IADC company. It has also a validity of 2 years, but it can be renewed a little bit easier compared to IWCF. Some operators don’t accept IADC for its drilling rig contractor’s personnel. So in this case Drilling Contractor’s personnel have to get the IWCF instead.

Recommendation: If you are working for a drilling rig contractors such as Transocean, Ensco, Nabors etc. You would need this. However, if you are in their training line to take up the mentioned position, they will get you attended the training to get the certificates, otherwise, it becomes useless also.

Overall, good to see you are interested, unless you are working for an operator or a drilling contractors, otherwise I see no point to attend this kind of training at this moment. But reading the IWCF and IADC materials to get yourself familiar with these kinds of test is a good approach way, I encourage you to read them first rather than seat for a test

Good lucks

Le Hong Quang

Posted: Tuesday, May 5, 2009 9:32:58 PM
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Hi Tuan,
It is very good if you a Drilling Engineer with valid IWCF certificate. You will have better chance to get a job than other as most operator requred this except who have Drilling Manager hasnt got one.

I will send you book for study if you can not down load from DiendanPetrovietnam

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Preschool_exercises.pdf (224kb) downloaded 1,906 time(s).

Nguyen Truong Son
Drilling Engineering Consultant
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Posted: Wednesday, July 29, 2009 2:10:38 PM

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Well Control School issues far more IADC certificates per year then IWCF; IWCF roughly 10% and IADC roughly 90%.

Some customers www.deepwater.com for example, only wants their employees to be certified for IADC.

IWCF is more 'popular' in European waters around England etc.

IWCF = International Well Control Forum based in Aberdeen Scotland
IADC = International Association of Drilling Contractors based in Houston USA

-1- Well Cap Fundamental Level Surface Stack Only
-2- Well Cap Fundamental Level Combined Surface Stack & Subsea
-3- Well Cap Supervisor Level Surface Stack Only
-4- Well Cap Supervisor Level Combined Surface Stack & Subsea

IWCF (Scanned copy passport required with Birth Date clearly to read; IWCF requirements since 01/07/2008)

-5- Drillers Level Surface Stack Only
-6- Drillers Level Combined Surface Stack & Subsea
-7- Supervisor Level Surface Stack Only
-8- Supervisor Level Combined Surface Stack & Subsea

If you want you can go for fundamental course first before taking Supervisor level.
Posted: Friday, August 7, 2009 1:24:45 AM
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I agree with Tri 100%.
To me, IWCF is more on theory than IADC, but IADC is more on practical than IWCF.

IADC has many level and for the man on the rig, the man need to deal with what equipment available on board and have no other choice

IWCF is more for engineer for planning purposes. He has time to select what he wants
Posted: Sunday, September 19, 2010 3:09:43 AM
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Dear All,

I am very impressed with the professional and kind advise of you all.

My question is also related to the topic.

I am an engineer (Metallurgy and Materials Sciences) and I have expereince of working as Junior Drilling Engineer for 7 months. I have seen and observed the drilling of one well (from spud-plugging) and I have fair idea of drilling. Currently I am jobless. I want to make a career in drilling, unfortunately in Pakistan or UAE its almost impossible to Join an operator with 7 months or one well experience . Do you think that if I can get the IWCF Well Control Certification (financed myself) it can get me hired at even entry level position ? Please give a detailed reply.

Thanks and Regards
Posted: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 11:17:48 AM
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They are basically right in their responses. I am an American driller in Saudi Arabia for Nabors. College degree math computer science. I currently hold IADC and just scored minus -1 point on IWCF so now both. I would guarantee your CHANCES would go up to hold either. IWCF is much more in depth than IADC but even holding IADC is a plus. Most companies will send you to IWCF if you hold IADC as they did me. You should get a copy of both course materials they can be obtained on line and be familiar with the material before you go. Good luck and I hope this helps.
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